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Case Studies

Global Hotel Operator

The client is a leading, global hotel operator that owns over 40 hotels throughout the world with the majority in the UK and over 15 being in central London. As a hotel operator that is renowned for its customer service and great facilities, the client wanted to continue improving the experience of their guests by ensuring that any query was resolved in a timely fashion and to a high standard. As a client- focused business, they wanted a perfect customer journey that started during the booking process and continued well beyond the hotel stay. 

Big 6 Energy Company

One of the 'Big 6' energy companies in the UK that employs over 13,500 people and supplies electricity and gas to over 5 million customers. The sheer size and scale of the organisation results in challenges in delivering outstanding customer service as the volume of customers is so high. This difficulty is intensified by the very changeable nature of this industry: it is susceptible to rapid developments and sudden seasonal demands that result in unpredictable increases in call volumes.

Big 6 Energy
Insurance Provider

One of the world’s largest and most respected global providers of insurance services that employ over 20,000 people all over the world. They have established themselves as a top 20 global insurance firm amongst their peers and their success has led to rapid expansion. Due to this growth, the necessity of deploying a communications partner that could manage their infrastructure became clear. 

Leading Corporate Finance House

The client is an industry leading corporate finance house that offers tailored advice to public and private businesses all over Europe. They offer advice in all complex financial areas of business performance such as mergers and acquisitions, debt raisings, restructuring and public offerings. They are situated in London but operate internationally in the US and China. The client employs over 300 practitioners in Europe alone.

Financial Company

The client is a multinational financial data and software company that provides superior financial research solutions and investment analytics tools to financial analysts, portfolio managers and investment bankers. By providing propriety software, hey give them easy, instant access to important data and analytics. The client’s customer base comprises of the top 10 investment banks in the world and some of the world's top 100 asset managers. Notably, they've been listed as one of Forbes '200 Best Small Companies' for 11 consecutive years.

Leading UK Charity

The client is a leading UK charity who help greatly improve the quality of life of those affected by multiple sclerosis. It funds important research, spreads awareness of MS, provides care centres for those affected and gives training to MS carers. It has 4 national centres, a network of 350 regional branches and a number of retail shops. 

UK's Largest
Consumer Body

The client is the largest consumer body in the UK providing an online service and subscription magazine that provides reviews on over 2000 products every year. It exists to help customers make informed decisions about the products they buy through testing a variety of products and posting comprehensive assessments of each product. They test a diverse range of products that includes cameras, washing machines and mobile phones.

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