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10 Effective SMS Marketing Techniques

how to use SMS to market your business

When it comes to marketing your business and its services to your existing and potential clients, there are a range of technologies you could tap into. VoIP handsets have a number of features that can be used for marketing and remarketing, but have you considered an SMS marketing campaign? We offer SMS solutions to some of the UK's largest businesses so we know a thing or two about helping them reach their target audiences via text message. SMS marketing is low-cost and high-return, but only if you get it right. Here are 10 tactics you can use to reach mobile consumers and make better use of that valuable client data you have.

1.) Text them with incentives

Everyone loves a discount code or a limited special offer with a small time frame. Show your SMS customers you value them by texting them a deal that's exclusively for them.

2.) Keep Your Message Short & Concise

90% of all SMS messages are read within 3 minutes so you don't have long to engage your customers. You're also limited by the 160 character count so you have to make sure you get your point across in a way that inspires the customer and offers them something of value.

3. Use a Call to Action

People engage with SMS campaigns by texting keywords to a short code (5 digit number). Make sure these two elements stand out within the message.

4. Integrate MMS in Your Message

If you can't get your message across in 160 characters then use MMS to send innovative little video clips.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

If you provide an expiration date, customers will be more inclined to act now. This is a great marketing technique that will enable you to get results much quicker.

6. Make the Offer an Exclusive

Make the customer feel special by stating that the offer is exclusively for VIP customers. Offers that are available to everyone are less appealing and attractive but people are drawn in by exclusivity.

7. Send Messages at the Right Time

If they get the message while they're at work, they're probably going to forget about it. Make sure you're capitalising on the hours that they're least busy such as during the commute to and from work.

8. Personalise the Messages

They're more likely to respond if you address them directly. Include their name and use any data you have on their preferences to target them with relevant information.

9. Use Other Data to Follow up

If they've responded to an email you sent them, send them a text message to follow it up or deliver the same message. This is a great way of boosting response rates and keeping them thinking of your brand.

10. Use Texts to Send Them to Social Media Pages

Promote the contests or offers you're sharing on your social media pages via text message. Links can be included in messages so you can send them to the relevant pages via one click.

We believe in the power of SMS marketing and we can provide you with an SMS plan for business use that will help you reach your audience. Contact one of our friendly team here to learn more.


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