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3 Reasons Your Business Should Switch To Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is a form of voice service that is replacing conventional business phones because of its ingenuity and numerous benefits. For people who aren't yet familiar with these benefits or don’t know what it is: cloud telephony is an internet or cloud-based service that allows the transmission of calls. It's making traditional PBX handsets obsolete and is great for any businesses wanting to capitalise on using the most modern forms of communication. If you aren't sure whether it's worth switching to cloud telephony, we're going to give you some pointers that might encourage you to make the switch.

1. Much Greater Flexibility Than Traditional Phone Handsets

Cloud telephony isn’t a physical system, it is cloud based which means that you'll have greater flexibility. It helps businesses work much more efficiently because it enables everyone to operate via one single communication system even if they're in different parts of the country. Ingeniously, it integrates fixed and mobile devices so that employees can receive calls from their desk phones and mobile phones simultaneously. It allows employees to have the flexibility to work remotely and still have access to important data and maintain communication with their clients.

2. Improved Reliability and Security

Technology can no longer let you down if you switch to the cloud. We've all been victim to random shutdowns and loss of connection but with cloud telephony, everything exists in the 'cloud'. You can have confidence that you are using the most reliable and modern form of telephoning and all telephone data can be stored in a secure space online. Every call recording, call history, voicemails and all important business data can exist safely and securely in the cloud.

3. You Will Save Your Business Money

Instead of having to spend additional money on calling equipment, with cloud telephony, you can use your own devices and don’t have to buy PBX. This reduction in equipment and hardware also makes it much easier to manage; as you’re not buying equipment, add-on maintenance costs or upgrading and repair costs can also be avoided, giving your business more money to better spend on other things. The way we work today is all about having the most modern, advanced and efficient forms of working. Businesses all over the world are making the switch to the cloud.

To make sure that your business maintains its competitive edge and stays ahead of the game, joining other businesses in using cloud telephony is a great choice. We specialise in helping you make this switch and would be more than happy to facilitate your replacement of the old PBX system with cloud telephony. Get in touch to chat to our friendly team of advisors.

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