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What Changes Can We Expect to See with 5G?

Changes to business with 5G

5G mobile networks are currently in development, with the promise of faster internet speeds for mobile data users. Although it is not expected to be available until 2020, faster network speeds will potentially change the way business works.

The big benefit of 5G for businesses is the faster speeds and lower latency. It is expected to be 100 times faster than current 4G networks and even faster than current high speed broadband. This means files can be uploaded to a cloud service or file sharing platform in less than a second, which can contribute to much more efficient and productive ways of working. It is expected that 5G will have greater coverage than its predecessors, allowing individuals to access consistently fast internet from more places than ever before.

Increased Usage of The Cloud

In recent years, the cloud has become a popular choice for storing files. Cloud solutions offer increased security and a lower risk of data loss, so it is no surprise that more businesses are choosing this option over physical data storage methods. The increased speed offered by 5G will allow businesses to fully harness the power of the cloud. Faster connections will make using the cloud much easier for businesses and employees alike; employees will be able to access work instantly from any location, and cloud applications will be more reliable when using this faster network speed. With these expected advancements, it will be more important than ever to make sure your cloud communications are secured.

A New Generation of Businesses

Whenever new technologies come into fruition, new types of businesses emerge. 5G could be the final piece of the puzzle to make self-driving cars mainstream, leading to more businesses manufacturing the cars and their parts. The low latency and improved connectivity using the 5G network will mean that self-driving cars will be able to react to hazards faster and interact with other vehicles over the network to avoid collisions. Smart home appliances which are controlled by the internet are also increasing in popularity, and these all rely on a fast and consistent internet speed. With the advent of 5G we can expect that more technology businesses will be focusing their efforts on developing and producing more integrated home equipment.

More Flexible Working

5G will be instrumental in making sure that people can work anytime, anywhere. Faster speeds will mean that employees can access documents and email quickly, making working remotely much more smooth and efficient. The improved reliability of 5G networks offers faster and better quality communications between individuals and a central place of work, which contributes to maintaining productivity outside of traditional working environments.

Greater Accessibility of Fast Internet and Minimised Disruption

5G networks will offer not just high speed mobile data, but also fixed wireless access which surpasses the speeds of fibre broadband. Fixed wireless access is very simple to set up, and when 5G is available, it will allow many more businesses to access high speed internet. Installing fibre broadband often requires calling out engineers, and occasionally new underground lines need fitting beforehand. This process can cause disruption both to business activity and to the surrounding community. With 5G fixed wireless access, any business within an area where 5G is enabled can place a device similar to a router within the office, which allows all devices within range instant access to fast 5G internet.

5G network speeds have the potential to change many aspects of the way that businesses operate. New businesses will emerge as a result of this technology, and existing businesses may have to adapt their current telecoms strategy to harness the benefits of 5G. At Smart Telecom, we can help you with cloud solutions, company mobile plans and more. Get in touch if you need a telecoms solution for your business.


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