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How Cloud-Based Systems Can Improve Cyber Security

cloud based cyber security for business

Cyber security has been a hot topic in the mainstream media over the past year as we’ve witnessed a surge in cyber-attacks on big and small businesses all over the world. From Tesco to TalkTalk, Ebay to Evernote, numerous large organisations have been forced to apologise to their customers because of data breaches as a result of their inadequate cyber security policies.

Consequently, government organisations and independent businesses have been ramping up their cyber security strategies so that their customer’s data remains safe in the cyber space. Cloud-based solutions offer businesses small and large an effective way of boosting the strength of their cyber security. Here are the top advantages of using the Cloud from a cyber-security perspective.

Complex Cyber Security That’s Very Hard to Breach

Cloud platforms are providing a game-changing new model of cyber security. Cloud-based applications are highly flexible in performance and scale, which allows businesses to combine different infrastructure technologies with cloud in order to create complex but highly secure platforms. These platforms work together to block the majority of tools and techniques that cyber invaders deploy, reducing the likelihood of them performing a successful cyber-attack.

A Safe Space to Store Customer Data

Once a customer’s private data has been accessed, it’s very hard for business’s to regain that customers trust. Therefore business owners must do all they can to ensure that strong relationships are maintained with their clients; confirming that their data is well protected is an effective way of doing this. The cloud’s infrastructure is a highly secure place in which to store sensitive information as supported by PwC who said that: “They are building security into the core fabric of the infrastructure to create an entirely new class of defences that are possible only with the game-changing properties of the cloud.” Cloud-enabled cyber security also allows information to be shared between employees in a seamless and secure fashion, supporting collaborative ways of working without compromising the safety of important business information.

Over the past few years, businesses all over the world have been adopting the cloud because they’ve realised that the benefits are too good to turn down. The cloud is fast becoming one of the most impactful pieces of technology in the business world so make sure your business doesn’t get left behind and is taking advantage of the latest cloud technology. Contact us and we’ll ensure you’re staying ahead of the game with our solutions.


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